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Team Dreampace brings the one to one together!

Working as a group helps improve motivation, morale and builds a scene of community,

even when you're miles away.

Get involved, dream big!

team dreampace




Before joining Dreampace I was on and off with running and the odd triathlon but never really training properly and just winging it most of the time. I then took some time out after training hard for a marathon and unfortunately not completing due to injury knocking confidence and losing the motivation. However since joining Dreampace this has changed in many ways. Not only has my running, swimming and cycling improved massively pace and time wise, I now want to get out and complete each training session and get annoyed when I don't. I have a new belief that I can continualy improve and reach new goals. There is a new motivation that even at 5am I can get out and run or ride! The way in which the coaching is flexible to suit my needs and time available has been invaluable and that it's never the same always makes training fun and more exciting when training solo. Dreampace coaching has already, after only a short time made a massive difference to my running and triathlon goals and I believe helped improve my mental belief in what I can achieve.

Emma -

I have been working with Darren at Dreampace Coaching for almost 6 months.  I have learnt SO much in that time.

Darren has taught me that you don't need to run every day to get better results.  You don't need to blast every run at full pelt to get quicker.  I now appreciate how important a varied training plan is.

I started without any real goals - I still don't have any but what's important is that I love seeing my pace get quicker, my runs getting longer but most importantly, easier!  I look forward to opening up my Google Sheet at the start of the week to see what's in store.

My proudest moment so far has been going sub-30' for 5k on a very rough trail route.  I'm looking forward to seeing how I do on the flat in the near future!

He is always contactable and is very responsive to queries.  Darren always displays the upmost professionalism and is highly recommended.


I had got to a point where I was running for the sake of it and achieving nothing. I had told myself that a PB was no longer possible and I had passed my ‘best’. With the excellent guidance he has given me, Darren has made me realise that I can, and I will, be a good runner, even if some days it just doesn’t happen how I want it to. I am now training better, running better, even my head is better, because I know I can do it instead of constantly doubting myself!! I can highly recommend Dreampace Coaching!


Dreampace has been amazing for me, after not running for a long time and losing any confidence and fitness that I did have, dreampace has helped me to build up my running again and I am amazed at how quickly I am progressing, far beyond what I thought was possible. I didn't think I would be able to complete some of the runs set out for me but I have done and realised that I am capable, this is down to the knowledge and experience that dreampace has to offer and that it is tailored to suit me as an individual. Dreampace makes my runs varied and enjoyable and I am loving running again and it can fit perfectly around my needs

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