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Coaching & photography Service

Action Photography


I'm a keen photographer mainly focusing on sports events. Below are some of the aspects of the service and outcomes-

  • Gain insight into the course/venue pre-event to ensure shot selection, lighting and the scene is set.

  • Depending on the event duration, I will be on site as long as required to capture all.

  • Lightroom editing and image selection. This can take anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on quantity of images. 

  • Uploading to social media and website as requested.I will do my best to ensure all images are available to view within 48 hours with the aim of completing this the same day if possible.

I'm always looking to tell a story and create shots that capture a moment with movement and the eyes. 

Cost dependant on the above individual requirements. Contact me for details.

Coaching detailed planning

  • Regular online support and contact

  • Regular updates

  • Contact via Messenger/WhatsApp

  • Online Docs live to your computer and phone

  • Advise and guidance on all areas of you training

  • Race preparation

  • Everything is tailored to the individuals needs.

Being your coach-

A mentor, adviser, friend, confidant and trainer. To ensure you achieve your best we need to understand one another.


Whatever you are looking to achieve, Improved motivation, weight management or beat your time in an event, we will work together to get you where you wish to be.

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