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Tony Witmond-

Q&A With Tony the tiger Witmond (Athlete & Coach)

When did you start training and why (run, bike, swim)?

A- I had for a long time wanted to get involved in triathlon, but I allowed work, life and lack of any real fitness stop me.

However when the Anglian (iron distance) came to Cromer in 2013 it seemed too good an opportunity to turn down.

I had been an okay swimmer as a youngster and had run regularly from my twenties so I just needed to ride a bike(how hard can that be, a sitting down sport).

Hardest event to date and why?

A- I did a half iron man last year, "The Coronathon"

I totally didn't give it the respect it deserved, you can't blag a half iron!

Most memorable achievement to date and why?

A- probably my first National (Aquathlon) Championships, I entered, because you could, got on the podium, totally unexpected, it gave me the belief that If I tried more was possible.

One key training/racing tip?

A- always listen to the coach, they know….

Favorite session/s (swim/bike/run)?

A-I hate running so none of them are fun, I've never done a session on a bike.

So a pyramid session in the pool and a sauna after..

A lesson you would tell yourself in your early years of training?

A- listen to the coach and act on it!!

Future ambitions in sport?

A- to encourage and support youngsters to get involved and reach their full potential.

Favorite race and why?

A-Wells Triathlon, great event, stunning location and all over in a couple of hours.

A pre race film/song to motivate?

A- Amy Mcdonald, Run, try it loud, works for me.

How much time and how important to you is S&C to your weekly plan?

A- it's now a major role, I previously focused solely on the main disciplines now yoga and pilates for an hour three times a week at least, weights and a hiit sessions three times a week, as well as a daily stretch and roll.

It's a game changer….

Who inspired/inspires you?

A-I guess the training group, none of us like getting dropped so I guess that inspires me to continue.

I'm continually inspired by the youngsters I'm involved with coaching, their motivation is my inspiration to keep going.

Favorite quote or saying?

A- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

(except sharks, they will kill you)

And the quote I pass on to those I coach


Everyone must choose , either the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret!.

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