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Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Emma Blake- Dreampace Athlete

Emma is the epitome of drive & determination. There is no knowing how far she will go with her running and we will keep pushing the bar higher and higher. Emma came to me in November 2017 and since then we have reduced her time in all distances. There's so much enjoyment and fulfilment in her journey, which in turn helps the development of an individual in all aspects of running. Here is a testimony on her journey so far...

Emma achieving 3 hours 15 minutes at London Marathon 2019

Emma B-

I had a dream...

I wanted to qualify for a Good for Age place in the London Marathon. I knew I could do it but needed some guidance and training to help me achieve my goal. I had been inspired by another local athlete who year on year had been smashing out some enviable times in London and I wanted some of what she was having! I had run London twice before and Brighton Marathon in April 2017 and knowing that the longer distances were what I enjoyed the most, I wanted the challenge of doing something better with my times. I took this to Dreampace in November 2017 and we began our journey. What came after has surpassed any dream that I had had previously and when I got to Brighton this year, I came home with 3 hours 38 minutes which was enough to get me to London. The year that has followed has been phenomenal. With the support and dedicated training plan that has been provided for me by Dreampace Coaching, I have achieved a PB at every distance that I’ve raced this year; the highlight possibly being taking Stage Winner at the Round Norfolk Relay this year and breaking the stage 12 course record. Other highlights have included finally breaking a sub 20 minute 5K in Dereham this year as well as taking second in my age category for the Sport Link Grand Prix. Whist my running most definitely started strong at the beginning of the year, it has improved at a rate that has blown me away. I would definitely say that my drive to succeed, not only in the marathon but at every race I enter, has been the key to my success. For the first time this year I have won various age group categories, as well as 3rd Lady at the Holt 10k and more recently 1st Lady at the Broadland Half Marathon.

It’s what comes before race day that is important for me. What gets me to the start line in the days and weeks leading up to the race is a combination of passion and motivation and more importantly, sticking to the plan! If it’s on the plan, it happens whether it’s blowing a gale or tipping down with rain, it’s happening. I could not have achieved this level of success without drive and motivation but more importantly, the support and insightful lessons I have had from Dreampace Coaching have most definitely made me a better educated runner and I am beginning to understand more about how I need to train in order to succeed.

I truly believe that in order to achieve your dreams, you firstly have to have some and they can be as ambitious as you like (the trick is not to cap them!) but more importantly, you have to have drive, motivation and passion and someone behind you who understands what you need to do to succeed and Dreampace Coaching has done this for me. Dream big! #dreampace

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