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darren neale

I began coaching on a personal level straight from school as a fitness professional. This involved helping and advising individuals on their well-being and performance goals within the health & fitness industry. Strength & conditioning training sessions and weight control are all key areas of my understanding. In 2008 I became the head coach of a local running club, planning training, leading numerous (beginners) running courses and a team of coaches for 10 years. This evolved into Dreampace Coaching. 







Understanding how people think and act with their training and through building a good relationship helps provide them with a successful plan. This plan has to work mentally as well as physically for it to succeed. I am extremely passionate about health & fitness in general and I'm driven to see athletes achieve their dreams.

I have coached 100's of individuals for over 25 years to helped them achieve their objectives and 'Dreampace'. As a keen athlete, I have taken part in many events over the years such as the London Marathon on 2 occasions, 30 mile Ultra run and half Ironman triathlons. My experiences within my  coaching and training has helped me understanding greatly what works and what doesn't work to fully assist my athletes. I am always looking to further improve my knowledge & understanding to help progress myself and my athletes.

Qualifications in brief-

UKA Endurance Coach L2-15 years

(Abiding by all UKA guidelines)

Advanced Personal Trainer L 3

Weight Management & Nutrition L 3

Exercise with Disabled Clients L 3

Sports England Strength & Conditioning Coach


Online Coaching

Coaching is a living and learning process for both athlete and coach. To fully get the best out of an individual, communication & commitment is key

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